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The Function and Relevance of Lawyers in Contemporary Society

Introduction The importance of lawyers has grown significantly in contemporary culture. Justice must be upheld, individual rights must be protected,…

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Utilize the new LawPay Pro to manage and pay time.

It is simple to believe that a corporation we have known for a long time simply performs the tasks we…

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TimeSolv increases profitability with cutting-edge cloud features.

A web-based legal billing solution with 20 years of expertise and a commitment to excellence, TimeSolv. According to TimeSolv’s CEO…

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Postali uses branding to set out legal firms.

The feeling of great brands is instant and emotional. You instantly recognize and connect with an Apple, Coke, McDonald’s, or…

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monetization of your company’s internal operations

Many attorneys I’ve spoken with desire to write their own software. In fact, I have a lot of acquaintances who…

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To receive better client feedback, ask the correct questions.

Was the consumer survey feedback you got unsatisfactory? We’re not referring to unhappy customers or negative ratings. We’re talking about…

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