Immigration rules for families to America in 2023

Immigration rules for families to America in 2023

There are a few requirements that must be satisfied in America for a request for family reunion to be granted, the most important of which are:

To benefit from this function, there must be a demonstrable kinship connection between the two parties.
It is required to transmit copies of the applicant’s and his family’s passports.
Include all the details, such as the degree of kinship, and, in the case of the wife, provide marriage proof along with the children’s birth certificates.
Give evidence of your ability to support this family financially in America.
It is necessary to present evidence of the person’s legal standing in the country, such as their citizenship or a “green card.”

The sisters’ reunion in the United States

The American family reunification statute helped make it possible for anyone over the age of 21 to invite their family to visit under the following circumstances:

The applicant’s age must be at least 21 years old.
to be a citizen of the United States.
Any of the following may be invited by the person making the application for sibling reunification in America:
Full brother and big sister.
If the father married when the boy was 18 years old and the father and his wife are still together and not divorced, then the siblings must be brothers and sisters who are not brothers.
Adoptive brother and sister, whether you are the adopter or one of your siblings, provided that the adoption occurred before the age of 16.

Documents needed in America for family reunion

You must prepare the following documents in order to reunite your family in America once you know the date of the interview:

In the case of a husband or wife, a certified translation of a translated marriage contract.
The applicant’s birth certificate, which must be translated, is required for travel to America.
The family card, if any.
Recent personal images, considering the following:
There was no way three months had passed.
a white background, please.
When filming, avoid donning a black helmet or spectacles.
The necessity for an authorized translation is necessary. The criminal record checks to make sure the person is clear of any cases or trials.
The medical examination report is final because it comes from an accredited organization.
a copy of the website page announcing the interview.
The DS260 form in its clearest form.
a complete copy of the warranty papers you requested or, if supplied through your account on the CEAC website, the original.
Pictures of both parties are included in the documents that attest to the relationship between the spouses or fiancées.
photos they exchanged in their letters.
images of their interactions.
Flight tickets, hotel reservations, and leases they’ve signed jointly.

An essential factor in how the wife’s reunification is handled in America?

It is not possible to submit a request for more than one wife to reunite since only one wife can be reunited in America’s wife’s reunification process.

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the spouse must demonstrate his monogamy and, if he has been married before, provide a divorce decree.

Some couples might not need to go through with this process, but as a safety measure, the necessary paperwork needs to be prepared in accordance with your circumstances to prevent any unpleasant surprises at the US embassy.

Questions for the US embassy reunion interview

Here are some interview questions for the American reunion that the embassy staff might ask someone who wishes to visit America:

Which county or city are you planning to remain in?
The location of the person you want to reunite with must be chosen.
How long do you plan to stay in the United States?
To avoid having the application refused, you must give a certain time frame.
Do you have any prior travel experience in the USA?
Don’t overreact; simply respond in line with the question.
Have you ever traveled to another nation? Then why?
Since they might already be aware of all of your travel information, you must answer honestly.
If requested, would you leave the United States?
Of sure, I say.
Do you adore America and wish to live there permanently?
Yes, I do love America, but you have to demonstrate how much you love it and that you have no desire to immigrate permanently to any other nation.

The expense of family reunion in America

A family reunion visa in America has two distinct stages to the cost. Here are several examples:

Part one is expensive.

At this point, both the USCIS Immigration Service application for family reunification in America and interview preparation are filed. The price is shown below:

The application fee is $535 for those who are located within the United States.
The American Guarantor document costs USD 120.
$335 is the interview fee.

Part 2 expenses

Costs associated with the medical examination and visa required for family reunion in America include:

For adults, the interview costs roughly $250.
up to USD 220 in fees for passports and visas.

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