Getting a contract for work in Croatia in 2024

Getting a contract for work in Croatia in 2024

In addition to providing all the necessary paperwork, you must ensure that the residence requirements apply to you in order to be granted a work contract in Croatia. The following are some of the most common ways to do so:

The best way for people with a variety of trades, professions, and qualifications to find a decent opportunity to work in Croatia is to search for employment opportunities on the official websites dedicated to those on the Internet.
Whether it’s a self-employed individual or an organization that specializes in immigration, you can rely on a broker to help you find the right job opportunity.
If you were successful in finding the ideal position and signing an employment contract, the next step is to apply for a work-related travel visa to Croatia, which necessitates that you fulfill all requirements.
You will apply for the work visa at the Croatian embassy in your nation.
A work visa application process could take six weeks.

Croatian employment agreements’ various forms

In Croatia, there are two different kinds of employment agreements:

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The most typical type of work contract is temporary.
The ideal form of work contract is one that is ongoing.

Croatia’s number of working hours

The maximum number of hours a worker can work in Croatia is 12, but the norm is 8 hours per day, with one or two days off during the week. The worker’s pay is also determined by the hour.

The most well-known locations in Croatia for securing a work contract

The following are a few of the Internet’s most well-known destinations for finding career opportunities in Croatia:

LinkedIn, a freelancing HR website.
Website for Danas Radim.
site oglasnik.
Pasao is a major location.
choose an employment site.
Website for Adorio.
bika website.
Website for New Karijera.
Slow hour.

The most well-known employment agency in Croatia

Organization Dekra Arbeit Group.
Company Employment Agency in Croatia.
Company for Future Jobs.

the paperwork needed to apply for a work visa in Croatia

The following are some of the most crucial records that must be provided to the Croatian embassy in order to receive a work visa:

A letter of guarantee must be written, filled out, and signed by the person or business you will be working for in Croatia. It must also be notarized and sealed with the government seal.
a letter from the employer outlining the specifics of the job and the expected remuneration.
The incorporation documents for the company must be submitted with the visa application, and the name of the firm must be written, if the visitor intends to establish his or her own business while in Croatia.
copy of the applicant’s bank statement for purposes of applying for a job in Croatia.
submit a certificate of academic achievement.
a card representing health insurance issued by the Croatian Health Insurance Fund.
displaying a passport that will be valid while the applicant is living in Croatia.
2 current pictures of yourself with a white background.
CV of the traveler who is going to Croatia for job.
Translations into English and Croatian are required for the aforementioned papers and documents.

Croatian requirements for acquiring a work visa

The candidate must be older than 18, which is the country’s legal working age.
The visa applicant must have found a legitimate job opportunity in Croatia with a business or employer who is a citizen of Croatia.
Submit the necessary paperwork and documentation to the Croatian Embassy.
All documents must be validated and translated into either English or Croatian.
The applicant for a visa may become a citizen of Croatia if he or she can remain inside the nation for more than five years while working there.

Croatian employment benefits

Croatia’s location in southeast Europe, where it is surrounded by numerous nations like Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, distinguishes it as one of the most significant nations on the European continent. The following are a few of the most significant benefits of working in Croatia:

After signing the employment contract, a person traveling for work is granted a 5-year residency.
Once he has worked there for five years, he is eligible to apply for citizenship in Croatia.
In terms of access to insurance and healthcare, a foreign worker in Croatia has the same rights as a citizen of that country.
observes all national holidays and other official days off in the nation.
He is also paid for his sick time.
He gains from having life insurance.
He is given rent assistance by the Croatian government.
Family reunion, which includes the wife and kids, is something the state encourages.
Scholarships for all family members’ education.
receiving a dependency allowance in exchange for doing work in the nation.
It is important to note that the majority of Croatians do not speak English fluently, so anyone planning a trip must have a passable command of the language in order to communicate.

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