monetization of your company’s internal operations

Many attorneys I’ve spoken with desire to write their own software. In fact, I have a lot of acquaintances who have created platforms for their own use as a creditors’ lawyer. Many of them are considering the possibility of reselling these platforms. Few of them, though, actually attempt, and even fewer actually succeed.

What then enables certain attorneys to utilize this secondary source of income? And why do some people only imagine what they could accomplish? Creating legal software is a selling process. Successful businesses have efficient sales procedures. Some won’t.

The motivation for developing software

Lawyers frequently want the platform could perform more functions. For the systems they have, nothing ever functions completely. what is sensible. As a component of a legal practice, there are various ways to practice law. As a result, the system will never be adequate unless a lawyer is ready to modify his procedures to fit the system.

This typically prompts the company to develop its own product based on proprietary systems. It would be fantastic to make something specially designed, perfectly suited for the company, if they have the need and the resources.

While this is a fantastic justification for developing a product internally, it is not a good justification for marketing a product to other businesses.

selling methods as opposed to software

As previously stated, no product will be perfect for a company unless the company is ready to modify its operating principles to suit the product. Any software has this as a feature. Yes, some tools work well with the firm’s processes, but they are not appropriate for everyone in general.

Greg Siskind, a well-known immigration lawyer and member of the legal community, can attest to this. His Siskind & Susser team and he created an immigration practice management tool. They are using the NextChapter program to jointly build it with FastCase.

From his perspective, the book that his team has been releasing for years is a natural progression of this platform. It is known as the “Immigration Cookbook” and it instructs other attorneys on how to handle immigration issues correctly.

Immigration lawyers in practice will no longer need to set up their systems and procedures in order to use this new software. When they purchased from Cookbook, they had already done this. Greg and his group have previously sold these methods here. Simply put, software is a technique to use contemporary technology to carry out these activities.

As a lawyer, I build software

Therefore, creating software isn’t really the focus of software development for lawyers. The topic is construction procedures. In all honesty, it’s about creating processes that are superior than those of the next lawyer. A company can create a successful application only after that. Future consumers will have to understand why the platform on which the product is created must be used. If not, they may decide to create something on their own.

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To find out more about creating policies and practices for your business, look through our Healthy Systems resources. You will learn there how to design procedures, document them, and use them in your own practice.

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