Hi guys, DK Web Design Studio back again for another exciting episode. This time we look at one of my favorite freelance networks for highering professional services for very little money and getting extremely quick results. If you need a logo for your website and ask “where can I get a logo designed online for cheap” then this video will help you.

Go to www.fiverr.com and create yourself an account. Using the search and filter tools you can navigate to an offer that meets your needs.

Always remember to consider the following:
1. Read reviews and look for outstanding feedback
2. Check what is included in the gig or offer (make sure you can get commercial use, vector file, png file, and included revisions)
3. Budget and quality are not always correlated – so take some time to select the gig that inspires you the most.
4. If you don’t like what you get, don’t be afraid to ask for revisions – but know also when to quit and find another freelancer.

Hope this helps you guys out!


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