There are large companies out there that hire graphic and web site designers to make sure that the design of their web site is the best. But not all companies can afford the fee of these designers. So if you have a business online and want to polish your web site design, here are some useful must do’s for you.

1. Flash animations are not search engine readable. So if you are using them, you are missing one important way of getting more traffic to your site. Additionally, they are usually in large files so they do not load fast. People may get bored waiting for the page to load. So get away with flash animations.

2. Also, there are times that your page may load slowly if there are a lot of texts or graphics on your web site. You can actually compress the images to make sure that your page will load even the customers are not yet done counting 1 to 5.

3. Check for broken links on your site. You know, you can lose a lot of clients if there are many links that are not working on your site. These broken links will drive away the clients from your site.

4. You can validate the HTML on your site with the use of validation services online. They can help you fix these code errors on your site. Once the HTML codes are right, you can make sure that the customers will have better experience.

5. You should also know if your site is compatible with other browsers. Of course, you would not want to lose other clients just because they are using other browsers. So have your site designed to be compatible with any browser the clients may use

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