The recent growth in new media and interactive technologies has created a big impact from the marketing / advertising / industry through web programming and for this progress, it created great opportunities most especially to web designers and developers. Nowadays companies are in need of designers and developer for the development of websites and applications for interactive digital media technologies. IT careers are fast changing, so knowledge and expertise moves on all the time. They were looking for someone who are willing to adapt and flexible just to meet the changing needs. They want people who can understand and relate with their customers, able to think creatively and much work requires innovative thinking to find solutions to every problems and changes.

Being a web designer is not quite different. All you need are knowledge on HTML, image editing applications, mixture of creativity and it will go on. Creativity and resourcefulness is a must because as of now, there are many adept designers and the competition is getting tight but do not ever consider it as hindrance to your success, instead take it in a positive way. Competition is great because it breeds excellence. It is considered as the whotstone of talent and will serve as a great challenge and inspiration to come up with a beautiful and astonish website. The genre of designing a web page is getting larger and the innovation through designing is unstoppable. That's why now we got a web page full of designs and the production of dynamic site became popular. Their goal is to create a unique website rich with information and multimedia effects that would set their client's site apart from their competition. Using the right tools for the job is part of any project, whether on the web or offline.

In terms of software and application, designers commonly used Adobe Photoshop for image enhancement, when it comes to coding most designer uses Macromedia Dreamweaver and for the animation they used Macromedia Flash. Recipe's for success calls not only for great combination of designs but knowledge about yourself is central to the process. It is valuable to start by looking at your values ​​and interest in order to become successful in your chosen field of endeavor. There is no constant thing on the world of IT and its on the hands of every designers on how they will adapt the ever changing world of IT In this kind of industry, people can not just stick in their earned knowledge rather they should find new lessons because the key to success is the ability to adapt.

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