Thinking about joining Fuckbook? Not sure if it’s worth your time or, most importantly, your money? Read ahead and find out what we thought of the sex-dating website before you sign up!
First off, if you’re not too sure what Fuckbook is exactly, it’s basically a social media for nudes, sexting, sex, dating, and hookups. Sounds awesome, right? It’s everything you could ever want in a dating app.
On Fuckbook, people can share posts on a newsfeed like any other social media, except all content is basically sexual. So if you’re not prepared for that or don’t want to see that all the time, this app probably isn’t for you.
But to start using a Fuckbook app, you have to create an account. To do this, all you have to do is go to their website, and on the homepage, you’ll see boxes where you can enter your information, such as name, e-mail, and gender. After filling out these areas, all you have to do next is click “Sign Up,” and you’re ready to go!
Now, for this review, we chose to stick with the free membership that comes with sign up. After filling out the information about ourselves, we noticed that immediately matches came up for us. Fuckbook has the option of adding friends you want to talk to manually or connecting with members they’ve matched you with. We decided to engage in conversation with a couple of these matches. Fuckbook did a pretty good job with their matches, two out of the five people I messaged were actually interesting and replied quickly, while another two were ready to get down and dirty quick, and one of them, unfortunately, was a bot trying to scam me out of my credit card info.
This could happen in any dating site, though — even Tinder gets bots. It is specifically spelled out in Fuckbook’s Terms of Use that they can’t guarantee nor verify that everyone you may talk to is a real person, but given the millions of users on the site, you’ll more often than not talk to real people.
Next, we tried out some of Fuckbook’s features, blog posting, status updating, and pinboards to be exact, and also checked out other users’ profiles. These features are great and are a part of the reason why Fuckbook is also used as a social media. You can let people know how you’re feeling, what you’re up to, and even talk about your latest sexual endeavor. People create pinboards about their kinks, for example, to show what kind of stuff they’re into and blog about their sexual fantasies. These features help you find someone that matches your interests so you can start messaging them.
In fact, we set up a date and time to meet with somebody within the first 12 hours of using Fuckbook. That’s incredibly fast!
Overall, Fuckbook is a great, refreshing way of meeting like-minded individuals whom you hope to have sexual encounters with. I’d recommend anyone to try it out for themselves and see the different types of people you could meet on there. Since it’s designed to be more like a social media, Fuckbook is not just a dating service, but also a community. People not only have sex off the app but also form friendships. If you decide you like what you see and want to access all that Fuckbook has to offer, then you could consider purchasing a premium membership.

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