Marketing online, just as business offline, takes a lot of effort. Do not shoot yourself in the foot by making these common website errors.

1 Updating your website. You should add or update pages on a regular basis. This just makes sense. The internet, like the sea, is ever changing. Webpages need to be updated every now and then to keep them up to date.

This is important if you want to keep both visitors and search bots returning to your site. They both need a reason to return to your business website. there's little interest in yesterday's news.

2. Overusing javascript pop ups. Yes, pop ups are very effective for a business website if used properly, but overuse can annoy your visitors. Set pop ups so that the same one does not keep flying in the face of the same visitor. And provide a way for the visitor to close it once it has been read.

3. Audio. Let visitors to your online business have some control over audio. Many websites attack the visitor with an audio message or music the second it is loaded. Give your visitors the option of listening or not, and setting their speakers so they do not get jolted off the planet.

4. Use colors discreetly. Save intense colors for areas that do not require prolonged focus or reading. A dash of color can really dress up a website, but do not overdo it in large text areas.

And do not go to the other extreme and used faded text against a similar background, or text so small it is difficult to read. If you have a lot of content, split it up between two pages if necessary.

5. Clutter and busy looking websites. Do not try to put everything on one page. Leave a little space here and there to give the visitor's eyes a rest. You can make more pages.

6.Navigation. Keep navigation simple. Guide visitors through your website by tying content together that leads them from page to page. Tell them to go to the next page and find information or products or whatever. Tell them within your content.

And away from guiding them, through the use of content, provide a good, simple to use, navigation system on every page.

7. Large and numerous graphics. Be sure there is a reason to have graphics displayed on your business website. For certain topics a lot of graphics may be necessary, but make them a reasonable size.

A recent survey determined that we only have four seconds to capture our visitors attention. If the pages take too much time to load, your visitor may move on to another website before even evaluating yours.

Source by Illa Maden

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