WordPress Acceleration

Designing for WordPress

The same design principles apply when we create a bespoke design for WordPress.

If you need to edit and update content via a reliable content management system, WordPress is for you. You can have a custom designed, completely unique WordPress site to showcase your brand. I’ve built lots of different WordPress sites with a ton of functionality. I choose it for my clients because it is the most versatile and best supported open-source CMS platform available.
The popularity of WordPress is quite simply down to versatility and ease of use. You don’t need to be a technical expert to add and edit copy, images or even video. The WordPress platform works for just about any type of website that you can think of from a simple 3 page brochure site to a full blown online store with 100s of products. Other usage examples include classified ads, business listings, portfolios, photography, online booking & hotel sites and events registration. If blogging is your thing you can easily integrate with your favourite social media channels.

Lots of features and extensions allow you to adapt your website to meet the needs of your visitors, be that now or in the future. You are safe too, WordPress has a massive community of developers to support it.

WordPress has grown to be the largest content management system in the world and the most popular open source CMS platform today; used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people. Many large organisations use WordPress including CNN, NASA, BBC. Samsung, Nokia and Yahoo.

TheNewsMarket website design desktop version
The newsmarket WordPress website


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