Mobile Responsive Design

An essential component in modern websites

Next we need to consider all devices and browsers. Adapting for mobile devices gives your users the best experience. Google reports on its blog that 61% of visitors leave a website it if is not mobile ready and deems responsive web design to be best practice.
The main thing is that you deliver the same content via mobile as you do via desktop. Making sure your content is available to users however and wherever they access your site. It needs to load quickly too, these visitors are on the move and need information immediately.

With Responsive Design we target our website designs at device types and screen sizes. It’s a bit like pouring liquid into a glass, adapting to fit the container. Here is a basic example showing a smart phone, tablet and desktop scenario. You can see how the columns adapt their size to better suit the device.

That is a pretty simplistic description and there are lots of technical things that need to be done too, for example, menus need to be adapted to be usable on mobile, buttons must be easy to use with enough finger space around them and we must ensure that we don’t implement functionality that doesn’t work well on touch screens.

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