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5 ad campaigns that embraced a stupid idea

adam&eveDDB’s Richard Brim dropped a pretty incredible statistic into his talk at Offset Dublin: apparently, the UK spends £18.3 billion on advertising each year. Of that 4 per cent is remembered positively, 7 per cent is remembered negatively, and 89 per cent isn’t noticed of remembered at all.  So how do you create work that is part of the 11 per cent that makes an impact? adam&eveDDB, where Brim is chief creative officer, has built a reputation on crafting adverts…

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5 Smart Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer always comes with the heat and increasingly rising utility bills. It is not affordable for everyone to pay air conditioning bills and enjoy the cool breeze even when the sun is at its best. High electricity cost can put an unbearable stress on your wallet. However, your worries are over now because every cloud has a silver lining. This means you can beat the summer heat and enjoy all the good things about summer without spending too much on…

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interiors modern rooms design furniture layouts for living rooms tuscan style family room design ideas for living rooms living rooms design ideas design ideas living rooms room designs ideas room designs and ideas ideas for decorating living rooms interior decorating ideas living rooms decorating ideas living rooms decorating living rooms ideas living rooms decorating ideas decorating ideas for living rooms hotel room designs decoration ideas for living rooms house designs pictures contemporary living room ideas interior design room ideas small…

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Madison’s Best Web Design Company Talks To The Wisconsin State Journal

In 2006, the Wisconsin State Journal interviewed Madison web designer, writer, online marketing and social media professional Christopher Parr of Parr Interactive about web design and marketing for Madison, Wisconsin businesses. Wisconsin State Journal published the interview in the articles: Internet Marketing as a tool for Madison Wisconsin companies, The Costs of Madison Web Design and Online Marketing – Driving Traffic to your site. We recently rediscovered the original Q&A with the Wisconsin State Journal reporter — and we are…

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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Working with an Online Marketing Firm

Online marketing firms offer many advantages over trying to do all the work in-house, or hiring independent contractors to execute your strategy. Firms tend to have more expertise, more specific resources to pull into your campaign, and ultimately can save you money (since they’ll work more efficiently and may be able to guarantee results). However, before you sign a contract with a marketing firm to handle all your online marketing and advertising needs, there are some important tips for collaboration…

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Make your characters pop with colour and light

I really like working in colour, whether it’s in Photoshop CC or painting traditionally with watercolours. Vibrant colour will often make an illustration more decorative, but there’s also a danger of it becoming flat. However, you can counteract this by adding a sense of volume in the right places throughout the composition. In this tutorial, I’ll share the art techniques I use to create a bright, light portrait in Photoshop. Watch the video below to see my screencast for this…

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5 Best RSS Aggregator Plugins for WordPress

Regardless of what kind of WordPress website you’re running, chances are an RSS aggregator plugin can help you deliver more value through it. RSS feeds give you the option to curate content from multiple sources and share it with your site’s readers. This way, you don’t have to worry about creating original content regularly or risk losing traffic to your blog because you don’t have enough content on it in the first place. In this post, we’ll take a closer…

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FS Industrie: Fontsmith launches brand new adaptive type system

Type foundry Fontsmith has launched FS Industrie, a new adaptive type system designed around five different widths and seven different weights, creating a total of 70 different variants (including italics). Fontsmith’s type design director Phil Garnham provides some context behind the new release: “We are on the cusp of a new age in digital typeface design where the ability to vary a font’s weight and width axis offers limitless possibilities to graphic designers within any given space.” Much has been…

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