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Invisio Business – Creative Onepage Template

Change Log Version 1.1 – Blog added – Fixed mirror changes Description: Invisio business is a onepage business template designed in a clear & modern style for all kind of business. Perfectly suits for business companies, corporate agencies, startups, freelancers, organizations, personal portfolio, creative minds and for landing pages as well. The template consists of well-organized components – so it’s easy to modify and customize everything. Source

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Pistacia Restaurant, Chef & Food MuraCMS theme

About this MuraCMS theme Pistacia – Chef & Food HTML5 MuraCMS theme a fresh and clean design for chef or food blog. Layout is fully responsive, easy to use and easy to customize. Include shop, blog, portfolio, contact, 404, coming soon and more pages. Other features Clean & Simple Design for restaurant and food blog websites Built with Bootstrap 3.3.2., HTML5 & CSS3 Parallax background effects Video background Font Awesome Icons, Flaticons, Glyphicons Google Map integrated Google Fonts integrated Reservation…

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What You Want in an Order Management System

The most important attribute of a business is profitability. Close behind, the next most important feature is organization; a disorganized business isn’t long for the market. Perhaps the easiest way to stay organized, even amidst hectic startups and unpredictable economies, is to rely on an order management system to track orders from receipt to delivery. Fortunately, there are dozens of order management systems available, so you can find the one that perfectly suits your business needs. Unfortunately, not all OMS…

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More Dope Artworks by Ryan Putnam

I’m a big fan of illustrated girls. An artist that gets to capture the beauty of the female form catches my attention quite easily, even more when the girl illustrated is Mia from Pulp Fiction, Mystique from X-Men or Amelie Poulain. Ilya Kuvshinov, a Russian artist, really knows his references, and has done some fantastic illustrations showing these girls. Here you can see his work, which I find amazing. His style is pretty awesome, not only his trace, but also…

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Their Online Portfolios and How to Design Them

Artist websites? What’s the deal with them? Regardless of whether your interest leans towards art or design, there is an undeniable relationship between both of them. Nowadays, where we have internet dominating the complete flow of information, their co-existence is more important than anything else. If an artist wants to get their name and portfolio out there, having a good ability for utilizing their online presence is a good point to start. A well-made artist website is a crucial thing…

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Web Design Made Easy

When my first domain went live in 1997 things were very primitive. Coding had to be learned and designs were basic. Over the years since my now many sites are still plodding along as they are mainly text with a few images. The development of my first one went on for some years and grew into 20 or more pages. Over that time much has been learnt and companies now offer pre-loaded designs with easy to do graphics. What my…

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The 10 best graphic design podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to find out what’s going in the design world while you commute, work out at the gym, or take the dog for a walk. For those who’ve always wished they could turn on their radio and listen to people chatting about design, this post lists 12 informative, fun, and thought-provoking podcasts that every designer should be listening (and subscribing) to. If web design is your thing, here’s a list of the 18 best web design…

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Become a Fashion Designer in Your High School

Fashion designing is a very promising career and it gives you a lot of opportunities to express you creative talents with innovative ideas. These days, the demand of fashion designers is continuously increasing as fashion-savvy community has already expanded to its limits. This great demand provides a lot of opportunities for fashion designers in terms of bright career and very good income. The life of professionals is not as easy as it sounds like; it requires a lot of hard-work…

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