Starting today you can use Google Maps on Android, iOS, and desktop to assist you in finding everyone’s favorite hide-and-seek champion, Waldo.

To start the search, you’ll need to update the mobile app (or visit Google Maps on the web) and press play when presented with a waving Waldo. For Android users, you can also ask Google Assistant “Where’s Waldo” to start.

Once spotted, you’ll be transported to various locations around the globe where you can win badges and level up throughout the journey.

Aside from Waldo, there’s Wenda, Wizard, Whitebeard, Odlaw, and Woof, the dog.

When you spot Waldo, snap a screenshot and share it on Twitter and Instagram with @GoogleMaps to bask in the community effort of capturing our favorite stripe-wearing traveler.

And yes, this is for April Fool’s, but the game is very real (and a lot of fun).

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