Before you start sketching design suggestions, you should make sure you know the goal of the website you’re creating. If you do that, you can focus on the things that matter right away.

The Gold Digging Years: As Pretty as Possible.

In the nineties, questions were not our primary focus. I’ll admit it. Us designers wanted to create a cute website with a few unique features to brag about. Seemingly, that’s what the customer used to want as well, as he didn’t really look into marketing aspects either. The only relevant question was: how much is it?

This way, we got to fire up our favorite pixel editor right after the first conversation and create a bunch of different visual drafts. Here, we made sure that all the drafts were very different from each other. There was at least one repulsive one among them every time. Sales psychology tells us that people have an easier time making decisions the more extreme the options are.