Learn more about the Bootstrap 4 Quick Start –

# Introduction to Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap 4

Learn the responsive web development workflow and how to get started using Bootstrap 4

Have you asked one of these questions:
– What is responsive web design?
– What is a frontend framework?
– What is Bootstrap 4?
– How do I make my website responsive?
– What is mobile first web development?
– What software and tools do I need to build websites?

During This Free 1 Hour Live Online Training, You Will Learn:

1. What responsive web design is and the benefits of using a frontend framework like Bootstrap.

2. The responsive development process and mobile first workflow necessary to make a responsive website efficiently and with fewer bugs.

3. How to build your first responsive layout that you can share on social media
In addition to the training, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and interact with other students in the live chat.

At the end of the workshop I will briefly mention a special offer available only to those attending the workshop.

# Who is this workshop for?

For absolute beginners who have never built a responsive website before.

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What Beginners Need to Know Before Creating Responsive Websites with Bootstrap 4 –

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