“Will you be the CSS to my HTML?”

As with any good relationship, you’re committed to your website.

You’ve poured your heart out on its page copy. You intimately know its design. You want to show the world how great your website can be.

(And if you’re a developer or web designer, you’ve probably spent more time fixing a website than you have fixing most of your human relationships.)

But don’t let that passion wane! Rekindle your love with these elegant web design tutorials that’ll certainly spice things up a bit for your website.

Just call this “50 Shades of Gre-at Tutorials.” Each design link includes the code that can be tailored to the needs of your website.

Portfolio Showcases

Baby got back-to-back excellent photos, so show them off in style. You worked hard to gather that content. Use a lazy loading technique to give your portfolio a beautiful platform.

Adding an Infinite Client Logo Carousel

Your love for web design is infinite, like this logo carousel. Showcase your biggest clients and show them some love with this stylish logo carousel.

Building a Photo Gallery with Solodev

‘Look at these photographs. Every time we do it makes us laugh’ and appreciate your excellent web design skills.

Creating Customer Quote Overlays

I guess you’d say, what could make quotes look this way? Quote overlays (overlays, overlays). Talkin’ ‘bout quote overlays.

Use Font Awesome Icons

Show your website how ‘font’ you are of it by adding these icons and spicing up website elements.

Company Statistics Slider

“It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a website in possession of impressive statistics must be in want of a stats slider.”

— Jane Austen’s web developer

Using Parallax with Multiple Backgrounds

Don’t let the little things fall into the background. This tutorial is a quick way to make your website’s background more engaging with visitors.

Designing a Responsive Landing Page

Landing pages are like first dates between your website and potential customers. If everything goes well, they’ll accept your invite to a second date. But if your landing page isn’t ready to handle visitors from different platforms, your website might get turned down.

Lazy Loading Images Using Slick Slider

It’s one of the best design hacks to prevent your website from sluggish response times. Lazy loading images is far from lazy, and it certainly provides a unique visual element to your website.

Build a Hero Slider with Pure JavaScript

Be your website design’s hero (slider). Sweep your website visitors off their feet with an impressive hero slider that attracts their eyes, their clicks and (hopefully) their business.

Did we satisfy your coding needs? Like what you see and want to get to know us better? We can always take this to the Solodev Web Design blog for more fun.

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