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How to Charge Clients for Freelance Web Design

Freelance web design is a very intriguing venture as, if done right, it can be quite profitable. However it is very important to charge your clients properly, and fairly. In order to make sure we are doing this there are two way we can charge our clients – a fixed price, or hourly rate. Both are fine, though each has their pros and cons. Fixed prices usually make us less money but are generally easier for small businesses and people…

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Google I/O 2014 – Design principles for a better mobile web

Speaker(s): Jennifer Gove Description: Many websites still provide a poor experience on mobile, and so we wanted to develop an in-depth understanding of what differentiates a great and an inferior mobile experience. Our work has resulted in the development of a set of user experience principles for mobile website design. The principles illustrate how to create experiences that support conversion on mobile, whether that be for a purchase, a quote or a lead. The principles have been developed out of…

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Responsive Web Design Tutorial – 1 – Why My Website Sucks

Facebook – GitHub – Google+ – LinkedIn – reddit – Support – thenewboston – Twitter – source

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Adaptive Web Design Explained

Adaptive Web Design Explained Responsive and Adaptive Web Design are two different approaches to Website Design that try to accomplish similar goals: Mobile websites with a Great User Experience. Adaptive Web Design is another term for progressive enhancement of a web site. Adaptive Web Design also encompasses a range of other strategies which can be combined with responsive web design. The term was first coined by Aaron Gustafson in his book “Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences with Progressive Enhancement”…

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What is Responsive Web Design? [In 60 Seconds] With a multitude of mobile devices coming out almost every week, how can marketers ensure that their content is optimized for different device types, screen sizes, and capabilities? This videographic illustrates how responsive design allows marketers, designers, and developers to create a single website for their content that adapts to any device on the market. The video also highlights some key benefits of this design concept. Don’t have an Uberflip account yet? Try it for free: For even…

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Website Design Speed Art #2: Adobe XD | WebDesign Master

Website Design Speed Art Adobe XD page: Result (Preview): Adobe XD source: Bootstrap 1170 XD: Made With: Adobe XD (Experience Design) Subscribe: Tweets by agragregra source

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