AgMist was a new company that specializes in helping farmers with mistblowing fertilizer, pesticides and other treatments so that they can protect and improve their crops for harvesting. As an agricultural business that is wanting to grow into the market and qualify themselves, website design is a critical component in delivering confidence to their potential clients.

As with most new businesses that want to grow and need to use their website as a cornerstone in their marketing, making sure that they convey an understanding of the challenge that their potential clients are facing was a critical component. So talking about and delivering on the message that they care, understand and can help while also driving lead generation was essential in developing a website that would work to solve those problems.

For the AgMist project, our key goal was setting up a quick and easy funnel that invited people to reach out quickly but that also talks about the service that they are providing and the value proposition that they are offering to their ideal customers. Because their target market is large farms rather than smaller, conveying that in message and visuals was key as well. So we designed a website for them that accomplishes each of those goals and solves their problem.


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