The holidays are coming. It’s the perfect time for an escape. Swiss Alps, Iceland or Melbourne are on my top priority list, but, because I’ll probably spend my vacation working, I’ll settle up with Photoshop’s new AI feature that promises to make photoshoping vacations way much easier.

Select Subject by Sensei

While there are quite a lot of tutorials and techniques to mask elements in an image, the new Sensei powered Select Subject feature, will render them obsolete.

The new feature was recently announced at Adobe MAX Japan event.

From the looks of it, the lasso tool is about to get unofficially retired. Well, sort of. The lasso tool will still remain the default choice for heavyweight tasks.

“Fake vacation mode” will be invoked from the “Select and Mask” menu. Click anywhere on the image and it will identify and select various subjects in the image. From there, the same tool will help you remove, for example, a “photo bomber” or the background.

When will the Select Subject tool be available?

The tool is not yet ready for prime time. Adobe still has time to polish it out, until the next Photoshop update. However, it better be soon. If you’ll have a look at the comments on the YouTube video, you’ll see that there is a lot of enthusiasm out there.

Will we see “Select Subject” in Premiere or After Effects? While no official announcement has been made, it’s safe to assume that Adobe is working on it. However, while Sensei may be good at removing elements from a still image, it still has a lot to learn.

So, to summarize, this new tool is great for both designers and casual users. It’s something we always wanted. However, one may wonder, are we getting closer to a singularity event? Is John Connor around?

One thing is for sure, the travel blog niche will experience a boom.

Just remember, Paris has NO MOUNTAINS!

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