About Us

Based in Dublin, Ohio, At GeometricBox we use the latest web design technology coupled with rich and artistic design elements to place your business in a good light. Whether you are looking to update a current look or create a new image for your business, the designers at GeometricBox will help your business shine.

Web Design Experts

As an experienced website design company we know that image is everything in the competitive world of business.

Your logo, your website, and the way you present your services are your calling card to the world. Let them reflect the kind of quality business you provide.

It is the individual talents of each person combined with the team work at GeometricBox that give our clients the best quality products and services.

Call Now Toll Free 1-877-994-9757

How it Works?

Web Design Quote Step 1

Get connected with one of our web development associate and by calling our toll free number.

Step 1 – Call 1-877-994-9757 & speak with our web specialists

Speak with our specialists Step 2

Once connected you can disucss your website needs and requirement in details to get an instant quote.

Step 2 – Discuss your requirement, get an instant quote

Discuss your requirements with us and get a quote Step 3

If we mutually agree on pricing and terms, pay the amount over the phone or online to get started.

Step 3 – Pay us online or over the phone and your work is started

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