From Beleghata Reading Centre, Kolkata, Suren Das has narrated his experiences thus:

That was the year 1979.  I was above 70.  How to get God was my constant thought.  I used to listen to the reading of religious books, but never found peace.  It was searching here and there where to her discussion about God.  During this time one of my relatives brought me to this Reading Centre. Here the readers were Charu Bhattacharjee and Sister Mukherjee.

I started listening to the reading with great surprise.  It was something new which I have never heard.  Henceforth I became a regular listener, but didn’t see any dreams.  After about three months I had the first dream.

1)      I saw a jackfruit tree.  At the base it produced fruits. Half of one jack fruit was under the ground.  I was having the smell of the jack fruit.  I broke that jack fruit and saw that it had only the seeds inside.  My dream was off.

[Jack fruit is many seeded.  The seer will have universal austerity though in seed form.  Single seeded indicates individualistic austerity.]

2)      It was an open field.  In the midst a person was seated in meditation.  He had turban on his head.  I couldn’t recognize who he was.  But after some days I realized that he was Lord Buddha.

[To see Lord Buddha means to achieve the attributes of Buddha].

3)      Within the dream I woke up due to a bursting sound.  Opening my eyes I saw the rising sun and inside that I saw the form of Jibankrishna.  Gradually the sun moved through my right side and merged into my body.  I was at this state for a long time and then my dream was off.

The dream proves that the old Vedic Rishis used to see a person in sun as narrated in Upanishads.  But who Jibankrishna’s era it has been proved that he is that person in sun.

Maitri Upanishad has described as such”

He who is younder, younder person in the sun – I myself am he.  Verily that which is the sun hood of the sun is the Eternal Real.  That is the pure, the personal, the sexless.

Of the bright power that pervades the sky, it is only a portion which, as it was, in the midst of the sun, in the eye and in fire.  That is Brahma.  That is the Immortal.  That is splender.  That is the Eternal Real  (6.35).

4)      Jibankrishna beheaded me and kept aside the head.  After a long time he joined it again.  I became much stronger.  Then I beheaded my grandfather.  But as I failed to join it, I began to search for Jibankrishna, though failed.  In the meantime he appeared, joined my grandfather’s head and then went away.  Next moment I saw my uncle and asked him, ‘has Jibankrishna left’?  He, said, ‘Jibankrishna has given life to my father.  My dream was off.

[To be beheaded means it is a type of Samadhi up to neck (chetan Samadhi).  The seer’s grandfather also got the grace of God-the Preceptor through the seer. To give life means to revive the divine conscious.]

5)      My mother was saying, ‘your father dreamt that Jibankrishna was patting him.  Hearing this, my grandmother said, ‘Jibankrishna stayed a long time with me’.  Hearing this, I began to dance raising my two hands and was saying, ‘I am free! While saying this I woke up.

[The dream indicates that through the seer his family members have also got the grace of Jibankrishna.]


Source by Dr Dipak Pramanik